What is Call a Lawyer?

Call a Lawyer is a service that connects you with an experienced lawyer over the phone. For the affordable fixed fee of $59, you receive a 20-minute advice session with your chosen lawyer within 24 hours.

How does it work?

For those who want to get quick, confidential legal advice:

  1. Choose your legal topic and the lawyer you wish to consult
  2. Fill in your case details and make the $59 payment online
  3. The chosen lawyer calls you for your 20-minute advice session within 24 hours (please allow for more time on weekends and public holidays)

If you want to get a quotation for services:

  1. Go to our Find a Lawyer service
  2. Select the relevant legal service
  3. You can use the contact form to contact multiple lawyers or contact lawyers individually

What does the 20-minute advice session include?

During your 20-minute advice session, you can ask for legal advice on a specific incident, question, contract, or a specific section of a document. The advice session is meant for preliminary advice to make sense of your legal situation, and does not include document drafting or document review. You can always follow up with your lawyer to inquire about additional services if necessary.

Why pay for legal advice when you can get it free at legal clinics? 

Call a Lawyer is an on-demand service. It is a quick and confidential solution for getting legal advice right away.